Exceptional or humanitarian circumstances

To be granted a Residence Permit under exceptional circumstances, it is necessary to have cooperated with the police and the administrative and judicial authorities.

Humanitarian reasons are also taken into account, for example, foreign nationals who have been victims of crimes involving the rights of workers, crimes which have the additional motive of been racist, antisemitic or other forms of discrimination, people who can prove that they suffer a serious illness which requires specialised medical care; or can demonstrate that moving to their country of origin or where they have come form would result in their or their family's personal safety being put at risk.

This permit is granted without needing a visa and allows the person to work if a work permit is applied for alongside a job offer.

In the case of foreign women, victims of gender violence, a residence and work permit can be applied for under exceptional circumstances, once a barring order has been issued. This permit is granted provisionally, once the sentence has been passed that recognises the woman as being a victim of violence, a residence and work permit will be granted for a period of 5 years. These permits can also be applied for on behalf of her children who are minors and were in Spain when the crime was denounced.


This should be applied for at the Foreign Nationals' Office.