Social services

Getxo Town Council has Social Services Department that works with people, families and collectives to meet their basic requirements relating to: information, social skills, psychic and physical autonomy, cohabitation relations, training, work, economic level, housing and social participation.

The services are available to all those people on the electoral roll in Getxo, irrespectively of their nationality and whether or not they have a residency permit.

Those attending the Municipal Social Services for the first time can do so by personally visiting or by telephoning the Local Social Services Office in Andra Mari, Algorta-Neguri and Romo.

During the first appointment, information and guidance is provided and an initial assessment of the case is performed. When necessary, in later appointment, there will be an ongoing intervention. The applicant will be assigned a social worker for the whole process.


  • Inform, assess and provide advice about existing social resources and rights.
  • Prepare family and individual intervention plans that are adapted to each person or family in order to improve their psycho-social situation.
  • Intervene in situations where people (women, children, the elderly or others) are in situations where they are unprotected, at risk, abused and/or abandoned.
  • Provide help at home for the interested party.
  • Implement intervention programmes aimed at the social integration of individuals, families and groups. Priority is given to preventing social exclusion.
  • Organise programmes to raise awareness and develop participation.
  • Manage the processing of the relevant benefits.
  • Study the town's social necessities, in order to manage and/or create the necessary resources.


Resources and programmes

  • Individualised help from a professional.
  • Intervention plans and/or agreements finalised with the interested party.
  • Job and social insertion programmes.
  • Welfare benefits.
  • General legal advice.
  • Socio-educational intervention team: family educators and field educators.
  • School support.
  • Psychological Support.
  • Home Help Service.
  • Home help for families who find it difficult to deal with day-to-day activities.
  • Helping the elderly.
  • Telephone helpline.
  • Day centres for the over 60s who need help to carry out day-to-day activities.
  • Finding a place in retirement homes.
  • Sheltering housing for the over 60s.


In order to ensure the ongoing improvement and adaptation to the needs of specific collectives, Getxo Social Services has technical staff whose task is to develop municipal policies in the following fields:

  • Equal opportunities: Implementation of Equal Opportunity Plans (2005-2009) social diagnostics, awareness raising, training and advice.
  • Immigration and Intercultural Issues: (2006-2009)Development actions for the Local Plan on immigration, coeistence and social development (2006-2009), sociological analysis, awareness, training and advice.
  • Volunteers: support for the associations existing in the municipality thanks to donations of municipal premises and subsidies for Social Service Partner Entities.
  • The disabled: programmes aimed at the social incorporation of the disabled.
  • Prevention of Drug Addiction: Developing the Local Drug Addiction Plan and coordinating the Drug Addiction Advice Service.
  • Leisure and free time for the elderly: "Nagusien Etxea" day care offers socio-cultural activities and services.