Women Empowering workshop

The Women Empowering Workshop is an network project involving Ermua, Getxo, Basauri and Ondarroa town councils.


The workshop's goal is to encourage the social and political participation of women so that they can influence public policies, where they have historically been pushed to the background.

Lines of performance

Promotion of the political and social participation of the women by means of the elaboration of a formativo program that offers tools that facilitate it, and by means of the creation and consolidation of the channels for that participation.

Analysis of the process of participation by means of the creation of an Observatory of Equality and participation in collaboration with Parte Hartuz (UPV) and the Masters of Equality of the UPV.

Collaboration with women of other cultures. Within this line of intervention a project for the fortification of the National Union of Saharahuis Women is being developed.