Citizen Security

There are three different types of police in Getxo: the Local PoliceUdaltzaingoa which comes under the Town Council, the autonomic police force Ertzaintza which comes under the Basque Government and the National Police which comes under the Central Government.

The National Police handles foreigners and nationality, and issues identity cards. It also deals with terrorism.

Other security concerns are normally dealt with by the local police-Udaltzaingoa and the autonomous police force (Ertzaintza).


emergencies  112

The free telephone 112, is the general number to ring in the event of an emergency. Depending on each case, an operator decides whether to divert the call to the service required: ambulance, fire brigade etc.

If the call is related to Residents’ Security, the operator calls the Ertzaintza who deal with the problem or pass it on to Getxo’s Municipal Police, depending on the nature of the emergency or the circumstances at the time.