Social services

Local Social Services are the starting point for entering into contact with the Basque Social Services System whose main function is to detect and respond to social needs.

The aim of the Social Services System in coordination with other systems and public policies is to:

  • Promote personal independence, prevent and respond to the personal and family needs that arise from a situation of dependence.
  • Prevent and respond to needs that arise from situations of vulnerability.
  • Prevent and respond to situations of exclusion and support the social integration of individuals, families and groups.
  • Prevent and respond to needs arising from emergency situations.

These services are available to everybody who is registered in the municipality of Getxo, regardless of their nationality or if they have a residence permitor not, and who require the support of a professional team who can help them to improve their independence, integration and/or social welfare.

Access to social services is through the Local Social Services System according to district of residence Getxo-Andra Mari, Algorta-Neguri o Romo-Las Arenas. They can be contacted by person or by telephone.

At the first appointment, information, guidance and advice on rights, benefits and the services of the Basque Social Services is provided. An initial needs assessment is also carried out. If it is considered necessary, further and continuous follow up will be carried out in subsequent appointments. The person in need will be assigned a social worker for the entire process.

Benefits and primary care services

  • Guidance, information and advice
  • Carrying out an assessment and developing personalised assistance plans
  • Accompanying service
  • Socio-educative and psychosocial intervention service
  • Legal Advice
  • Economic welfare benefits
  • Day assistance service and night refuge service for those at risk of exclusion.
  • Management of the Dependency Law
    • Home help service
    • Helpline
    • Daily care service for the elderly
    • Apartments managed by the municipality
    • Support service for carers

Secondary care resources and benefits for those in a situation of dependency

  • Day Care Centre
  • Residential care home
  • Welfare benefits

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