Finding a House

Normally there are two ways of acquiring a home: by purchasing or renting. In the case of purchase, the contract of sale is registered publicly.This means that the contract is signed before a notary public and it is then registered at the Land Registry. In the case of renting, a private document is usually drawn up between the two parties, in which the proprietor must register and place the deposit arising from the contract with the Bizilagun service.

Housing can be private, state subsidised or public. There is a public service for the rental and purchase of social housing (it can be accessed by registering with (Etxebide) as well as private estate agents

The housing can be freehold, state-subsidized or state owned. There are public information services (Etxebide, together with private developers and estate agents.

Public assistance for accommodation

Public assistance is available for purchase and rent of accommodation. For entitlement to public assistance in the Basque Country, you must enrol with the Basque Accommodation Service-Etxebide where you will obtain information and the application form to be filled in. Applicants must provide the basic data of the members of the family who will be living at the new accommodation.

Apart from obtaining information, you also need to ask for and hand in the form in the Etxebide Partner Office Network.

  • Renting of used accomodation - BIZIGUNE PROGRAMME


    The Basque Accommodation Service-Etxebide provides a number of options:

    • Buying a new house (two procedures).
    • Buying a used house.
    • Purchase of housing at a fixed price.
    • Renting a protected dwelling.
    • Renting a social dwelling.
    • Requeriments

      Anyone can enrol in the Etxebide Register who:

      • Is over 18 years old, or is an emancipated minor.
      • Is registered as resident in Getxo or another town in the Basque Country.
      • Has not obtained protected accommodation over the two years preceding the application, except in the case of rented accommodation.
      • Provide evidence of minimum income and which must not exceed the maximum income.

      Data are checked by the Authorities.

      In the case of foreign nationals it is essential to have valid authorisation of residence. If wishing to choose the option to purchase, the authorisation must be long term.